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next door

next door

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Shari Lapina

It is impossible to know what is going on behind the wall. Your neighbor told you that she doesn't want your six-month-old at her dinner. Not for personal reasons, but she just can't stand her crying. Your husband said it'll be all right, your house is right next door, and you're going to use the baby monitor, and take turns coming back every half hour. Your daughter was asleep when you last checked on her, but now, as you race up the stairs through your desolate home, your worst fears materialize before you. She disappeared. You haven't had to call the police before, but they are in your house now, what will they find? What might you do when you are dealing with events that are beyond your ability to bear? Marco and Anne go to a night out next door, and return to find their only child missing. The tragedy forces them to confront many fears, and raises many questions that peel away the layers of illusion experienced by families - especially the rich ones. (The Translator) "Her thoughts raced and became less rational; her thoughts took hold of her. In cases like this, she doesn't lose her ability to think logically, but sometimes things become more logical. She lives a dream-like logic where she doesn't see how strange or irrational it is until she wakes up from it" – next door.

About the book:
Cover: plain cardboard
Number of pages: 360 pages
Size: 15*21 cm
Translation : Salma Al-Hafi
Book Juice for Publishing and Distribution

House - adjacent
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