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In the garden of the Arabic language: the preparatory level, the student's book + exercises

In the garden of the Arabic language: the preparatory level, the student's book + exercises

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Basic book (reading and expression)
The importance of this approach is evident in the following:
Acquiring the ability to recognize and differentiate between the letters of the alphabet, reading and writing in its abstract form and with all forms of drawing it in the beginning, middle and end of the word.
Distinguish between the sounds of the letters with fatha, damma, kasra, sukoon and tanween, and their extended sounds: alif, waw and yaa to reach mastery of pronunciation and writing skills.
The ability to distinguish between letters that are similar in pronunciation and similar in drawing.
Recognizing the image that expresses the nouns, verbs and opposites associated with the student's surroundings.
On pages 116-117, we put a proposal for the subject of dictation, from which we wanted to consolidate the skills related to learning letters, their movements, their extension and their inflection, and the similar ones in drawing and pronunciation.
We also put on pages 118-119 a detailed index of the distribution of images inside the book to facilitate access to them, and we called it the illustrated dictionary.
In order to facilitate the educational process, we linked our curriculum to an interactive CD that contains what is included in the first and fourth pages of each lesson, in order to develop the sensory and visual aspects of the student (you can download the file below).

Art activity book (dictation, calligraphy and art activities)

Dictation: mastering the writing of all letters of the alphabet and distinguishing between similar ones in pronunciation and drawing. Dictation is closely linked to the basic book.

Calligraphy: Make the student acquire the skill of copying by adopting many interesting ways, and accustom him to writing from right to left, as required in Arabic calligraphy.

Artistic activities: We presented the subject of drawing and coloring in an attractive manner. It aims to develop the student's imagination and refine his artistic and aesthetic taste.

Nasheeds: We wanted to develop the auditory sense and taste the beauty of Arabic melody, as well as develop the student's ability to express and orally.

Download and browse the book:

To view the book and play the audio files for the preparatory level, click here.
To download the interactive program for students (Windows CD) for the preparatory level, click here.
To download the teacher's guide as a PDF file for the preparatory level , click here.
To take a placement test, click here.

About the book:

Cover: plain cardboard
Number of parts: 2 parts
Number of pages: 184 p. for the two parts
Size: 20 * 28 cm
Arab Center for Educational Services

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