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Burnable scraps

Burnable scraps

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Dr. Ahmed Khaled Tawfik

When you flip through your old papers, you find a lot of nonsense.. But you also find remnants of ideas and glimpses of thoughts that contain some flesh.. When it occurs to you that these scraps are good for something..
Is it suitable for a story?.. It is too short and has not been completed yet.. It is as if someone finds a handle and builds a complete castle to fix this handle on one of its doors..
Is it suitable for an article?..maybe..but about anything..

Is it suitable for a poem?.. Of course not.. You forgot that you abandoned poetry twenty years ago, and the rhymes in your hands became like a deaf rock that does not soften, and you do not hope that it will soften..
Are you fit to scatter it like a dialogue on the lips of your heroes? The worst stories happen are the ones you write in order to put something in it that you can find no other place for.
Is it suitable for burning?
Certainly, this is why I was created and this is why I existed.
You wait until the people of the house sleep so that your wife does not see you and think of you when she finds you ripping papers.. Every wife knows what it means for her husband to burn papers.. Either he burns his old love letters, or he burns his collection of nude pictures because his eyes

About the book:

The cover is plain cardboard

Size: 19.5 * 13.5 cm

Number of pages: 112 pages

Dar Kayan for publishing and distribution


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