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Philosophy story

Philosophy story

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Will Durant

It is represented in his research of various Greek and European philosophies, in a simplified and painterly narrative style, a style that facilitates even beginners students of philosophy, and even ordinary readers to find in philosophy an interesting and painterly subject, that does not require that amount of frowning, frowning, sobriety, focus and contemplation, as the author will touch the reader, when reading it For this book, he did not separate any philosophy from its philosopher, as was usual when the book discussed philosophical topics. Rather, he rose up and made the philosopher and his philosophy an integrated unit, and thus spread life in philosophical topics, as he made every philosophy pulsate with the life of its philosopher and get excited by his emotions, and interact with his society. But to say, Will Durant gave philosophy in this book a heart and conscience, after philosophy was a pure mind, a mind that lives in isolation from the heart's feelings and sentimental feelings. The philosopher in this book is not a solid lump of reason, but as a human being who searches for the truth with his mind and heart, and loves the truth with his mind, emotion and conscience, even if he made the mind the guide to emotion and the guide to conscience.

Information about the book:
Cover: Har Kafr
Size: 17.5 * 24.5 cm
Pages: 392 pages
Translated by: Fathallah Muhammad Al-Mushasha
Knowledge Library Publishers Company

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