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Stories of the Prophets 1/12

Stories of the Prophets 1/12

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prophets' stories

The Holy Qur’an pays great attention to the stories of the prophets. It tells us that all the prophets called for one religion, which is Islam. And one goal, which is the worship of God alone, who has no partner. If people know the stories of the prophets and messengers with their people, and consider them and take their lessons, they will be saved from destruction and obvious loss.

Our master Musa, our master Hud, our master Salih, our master Ibrahim, and our master Ismail.

Our Master Yunus/ Our Master Isaac. Our Master Jacob/ Our Master Jesus/ Our Master Shuaib. Our Master Ayoub/

Our master Zakariya. Our master Yahya. Our master Yusuf. Our master Daoud. Our master Solomon. Our master Adam. Our master Noah.

Our master Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace

About the book:

Series consisting of 12 parts

Size: 23*23 cm

Number of pages for each part: 12 pages

The paper is sulfonated

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