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I grew up and forgot to forget

I grew up and forgot to forget

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Buthaina Al-Essa

In this work, Buthaina Al-Essa appears as a rebellious female, a female who formulates her anger in the form of scattered texts and goes out to new spaces, far from that garden whose flowers are captivated by the restrictions of customs. The story, and its dissection of this society represented by the man in his cruelty, masculinity, and orientalism, albeit in a poetic language par excellence, finds its purpose in the easy and abstaining vocabulary, which indicates the spirit of meaning.

We read to her: "I foresee my destruction in order to write.. I am broken inside.. Force me, O mighty.. Teach me how to pray.. A prayer that belongs to me alone.. Give me my language.. Give me my language, O Lord of the language.. Give me my language so that I may supplicate to You.. Glory be to You Glory.. give me all my language.. give me so that I may think, so that I may be.. so that I may know me, so that I may know you.”

So she philosophizes the narrative to be a porter of faces, through which she presents what she would like to tell about the girls of her gender as she tells their stories. And the simplicity of the narration, as in her phrase on the tongue of the heroine: "I am a poet in secret, I write silence and dissolve in it, the world does not accommodate my poems." Are we in front of a magical female, or a poet and writer together who did not exist in this world as we imagine her, or are the questions of eternal existence that Buthaina Al-Issa deals with in her text and with linguistic skill that takes us with her and voluntarily towards the ends she chooses, so she shocks us with what contradicts and maneuvers and evades, so that her language is the most capable of representing the moment And the problem of the question.

How interesting you are, Buthaina, and how naughty and delicious your writing is, as if it were the honey of speech. It is a narration game that is written for new beginnings.

About the book:
Cover: plain cardboard
Size: 14 * 20 cm
Number of pages: 280 pages
Publishing House: Arab Science Publishers House

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