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Kalila and Dimna

Kalila and Dimna

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One of the masterpieces of Kalila and Dimna stories

Authored by: Ibn al-Muqaffa

It is the jewel of world heritage, and one of the best books of literature that crossed the boundaries of space and time to live among us to this day. It is the book that children deal with and enjoy its stories, while adults derive many and deep meanings from it. The book was dyed with the colors of the richest eastern civilizations. It is the result of the convergence of three civilizations (Indian, Persian and Arab), and it is common that its author is the Indian sage “Bidba”, and he wrote it to advise the king “Dabshalim”, then the book moved to Persian literature when “Berzueh” translated it into “the Pahlavi language” and added to it Finally, he reached Arabic literature when Abdullah bin Al-Muqaffa translated it, adding to it in turn. There is no doubt that the book carries with it political and social dimensions. Until today, I made it a material for research and investigation, and “Kalila wa Dimna” will remain the favorite source of literary enjoyment for adults and children.

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