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How do you speak so that the children listen to you and you listen to them when they speak?

How do you speak so that the children listen to you and you listen to them when they speak?

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The authors of this book are: Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish, award-winning international experts in communication between adults and children, and the authors of several best-selling books that deal with the relationship between parents and young people, children and adolescents, who are now dating With this interesting realistic book that addresses the relationship between teenagers and parents, and sheds light on the sensitive issues they face today. Where the book informs us, with all the smoothness of the style of the two authors, about what is going on in one of their distinguished workshops, and what confronts the family today and those who belong to it of adolescents, fathers and mothers, in an attempt to lay the foundation for a healthy relationship, based on affection and mutual understanding, instead of punishment and response. Likewise. This paves the way for parents to overcome all fears and address the problems they face before they get out of control. Through their clear, warm and friendly style, the authors guide the family on how to communicate and create a supportive climate between themselves and their children during their turbulent teenage years.

About the book:

The cover is plain cardboard
Number of pages: 388 pages
Size: 14 * 21 cm
Weight: 406 g
Translated by: Fatima Essam Sabry
Obeikan Library

He listens - he listens - he listens - he listens - to them - Adele Phair - Elaine Mazlish - Elaine

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