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How do we get happiness and get away from depression?

How do we get happiness and get away from depression?

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Ryoho Okawa

Translated by: Zina Idris

How do we obtain happiness and move away from depression? The question that has occupied human minds since God created the earth and what is on it to this day? Answered by the Japanese "Ryuho Okawa", leader and founder of the "Happy Science" group, the author whose books occupied the first ranks in the lists Best-selling books around the world. In this book, Ryuho Okawa presents 27 habits for coping with sadness and depression, to help readers free themselves from self-sabotaging mental patterns and regain control of their lives to live a happy life. And since we are all looking for happiness, why do we suffer from anxiety and fear daily?Unhappiness Syndrome, which is our unconscious love for unhappiness, may be the reason behind the feelings of fear, frustration and sadness that overwhelm our daily lives, to help people with behaviors spoil their lives, Ryoho Okawa in this book provides important tips to get rid of 27 common patterns of behavior that lead to self-destruction and find in unhappy people in modern times.What is the cause of your unhappiness? of your efforts? Are the daily problems in your family and home, the pressures of living in the business world, and the inability to cope with social pressures and values? This book will help you solve these problems by helping you better understand your thoughts and behavior. Eventually, you will learn to transform your feelings of unhappiness into feelings of happiness and hope

About the book:
Cover: plain cardboard
Size: 14.5 * 21.5 cm
Weight: 388 grams
Pages: 220 pages

Arab House for Science Publishers

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