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How to make your little child a big man?

How to make your little child a big man?

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Educational expert: Abdullah Mohamed Abdel-Moati

How do you make your little boy into a big man?

Our sons today may live imaginary manhood and heroism, so you see one of them sitting in front of the computer, tablet, etc., and playing violent electronic games, killing this and destroying the other, and in the end he gets up feeling courageous and victorious, and suddenly his mother says to him: Bring a cup of water from the kitchen, and he says to her: I'm afraid, the kitchen is dark.. so where did his courage go that he was feeling in front of the game a while ago...

Dear father, kind mother...

Everyone wishes that his children would be men, steadfast in times of adversity, patient in times of adversity, grateful in times of prosperity, obeying their parents when they were young, and being kind to them when they were old... But wishes alone are not enough, so in order to make your child a big man, work and diligence must be done, along with supplication. Patience and hope................................................. ...

About the book:
Cover: plain cardboard
Number of pages: 384 pages
Size: 16.5 * 24 cm
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Section: Child and Education
Publishing house: Ebsar Center for Publishing and Distribution
A giver - a man - a child - your childhood - your child

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