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The night of the fall of Baghdad

The night of the fall of Baghdad

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Authored by: Ahmad Khairy Al-Omari

The sound of the call to prayer was stillness of the surrounding silence, the sound of the call to prayer sounded strange, sad, and familiar at the same time. It was the same voice I had been accustomed to hearing calling the call to prayer for the past four years. But he was broken, humiliated and captive this time. He was suffocated and wheezing, as if he was about to burst into tears... There is nothing wrong with a little refraction in the voice that raises the call to prayer, but when it is for the one to whom the prayer is directed, as for this voice, its refraction was different, and it was tainted with a humiliation resembling the humiliation of one who was forced On seeing his wife being raped and violated, that was perfectly understandable... malpractice too... When I entered the mosque I found it lonely and dark, there were some familiar faces, but there was something unfamiliar in them... I thought they might be thinking the same thing about me. And when praying, I cried, I remembered the last time I prayed before the war, the evening prayer, on the eve of the war, the last supper!... And I remembered my tears at that time... I felt sorry for myself, crying before the war, during the war, and after the war. What will be the result with this crying other than this occupation and humiliation, other than this stuttering that I find on my tongue wherever I go? When I left the mosque, I noticed a picture pasted on its door, announcing the loss of a young man. Who is he?

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