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Celebrities of Kurdistan in the Islamic era

Celebrities of Kurdistan in the Islamic era

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Authored by the scholar Muhammad Amin Zaki

Translated by: Sanhazki Bey

Submitted to the second part and added to it: Muhammad Ali Awni

Many Kurds believe that their history, in both its national and civilized aspects, did not obtain its right of deep study and research, and that Kurdish historians bear the primary responsibility in this regard, when they devoted themselves to writing in the languages ​​of other peoples and harnessing their creative potential in issues pertaining to their literature, languages ​​and cultures without paying attention to their national language and culture. Even as part of the culture of the peoples of the region, not to mention the issue dealt with by independent research and studies, and this is what harmed the Kurdish language to remain in a state of hibernation and lack of development, and the Kurdish history to remain an unknown being, or at least to the most sensitive and important links in it remaining incomplete, as some of the others are tainted by many of ambiguity and confusion

This encyclopedic book about famous people of the Kurds and Kurdistan in the Islamic era is an example of the role played by the Kurdish people since ancient times in shaping the history and civilization of the region. It is also another contribution that the late scholar Muhammad Amin Zaki Bey added to his historical cultural project through which he expressed his feelings

About the book
Number of pages: 517 pages
Size: 17 * 24 cm
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The cover is plain cardboard

Publishing house: Dar Al-Zaman for printing and publishing

To search for the Kurds, Kurdistan, the Kurds, the Kurds

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