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Mind's first adventure

Mind's first adventure

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Firas Al-Sawah

The legend is a traditional sacred tale, in the sense that it was transmitted from generation to generation, through oral narration. Which makes it the memory of the group that preserves its values, customs, rituals, and wisdom, and transmits it to successive generations, and gives it the power that controls souls. It is the most powerful tool in education and normalization, and the channel through which a culture establishes its existence and continuity across generations. Even in periods of widespread writing, the oral myth did not lose its strength and influence. This is because the pottery tablets were preserved in the temples and in the libraries of the kings, and they only play the role of preserving the legend from distortion by transmission. Hearing remained the main means of circulation. 
On more than one periodic occasion, myths were recited or sung in public religious celebrations, for example, New Year's holidays in Babylon, where they were recited and represented the Babylonian genesis myth. And the spring festivals, where they were recited and represented the torments of the god Tammuz. In addition to that, the legend is also a literary text, put in the best possible artistic suit, and the strongest formula affecting the souls, and this is what increased its control and influence. Literature and poetry had to wait a long time before they separated from the myth.

About the book:
Cover: plain cardboard
Size: 17 * 24 cm
Weight: 650 gr
Pages: 438 pages
Publishing house: Dar Al Takween for printing and publishing
Research: Philosophy of development history
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