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The Introduction of Ibn Kholdoon

The Introduction of Ibn Kholdoon

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Abdul Rahman bin Muhammad bin Khaldun

The introduction can be summarized in a set of theories and foundations developed by Ibn Khaldun to make him the real founder of sociology, contrary to what Western scholars claim that the real founder is the French. By reading the introduction, three basic concepts can be established that confirm this, namely that Ibn Khaldun, in his introduction, showed that human societies move and proceed according to specific laws, and these laws allow a measure of predicting the future if they are well studied and understood, and that this science (the science of urbanization as he called it) is not affected It is affected by individual accidents, but is affected by societies as a whole. Finally, Ibn Khaldun confirmed that these laws can be applied to societies living in different times, provided that the structures are the same in all of them. For example, an agricultural society is the same agricultural society after 100 years or in the same era. Thus, Ibn Khaldun is the one who laid the real foundations of sociology. Ibn Khaldun was considered the founder of sociology and the first to put it on its modern foundations, and he came up with impressive theories in this science about the laws of urbanization and the theory of asabiyyah, the building of the state and the phases of its construction and its fall. His views and theories preceded what was reached several centuries later by a number of famous scholars, such as the French scientist Auguste Comte.

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