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Of God's laws in His servants

Of God's laws in His servants

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Muhammad Saeed Ramadan Al-Bouti

Knowing the laws, or the laws that God takes His servants by, puts you before the answer to many questions that may cross your mind, or in the thoughts of many: Why does God honor unbelieving societies, with what He does not honor us with; From the abundance of sustenance, the blessings of the sky, and the plants of the earth? Why do tribulations and calamities surround us, and evil and false people prevail over us, while we are the Muslim servants of God and believers in Him? Why does one of us pray and he is often not answered?..and so on, to many other questions of this kind. These reproachful or objecting questions are among the secrets of turning away from the Book of God, which was sent down as a letter to His servants. And one of the most prominent things contained in the Book of God Almighty is the answer to these questions, by presenting God’s laws regarding His servants, that is, His laws that He guides them by. And if there are among us among the Muslims who insist on continuing to turn away from the words of God and His speech that we have been honored with, then here I am collecting these Sunnahs for them, and I put them in their hands summarized in this book..

About the book:

Cover: plain cardboard

The size is 17*24 cm

Number of pages: 182 adjectives

Dar Al-Fikr for publication and distribution

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