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Who is Muhammad, peace be upon him

Who is Muhammad, peace be upon him

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Doctor: Ragheb Al-Sargany

Perhaps it is the most famous question on the Internet and in various media outlets, and one might think that only non-Muslims need an answer to this question, but the reality is that many Muslims need an answer to the same question! This need does not denigrate the Muslims’ love for their great Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, but rather reveals a fact that there is no doubt about, which is that understanding the definition of the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, and an explanation of his destiny is difficult to attain, and how can one be encompassed regarding a man who described God Almighty’s creation with greatness, and promised him A blessing from Him, Glory be to Him, upon His creation!
In this book, we know how God described His Prophet, how the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, introduced himself to himself, and how his companions, wives, contemporaries, and scholars of his biography throughout history, whether Muslims or non-Muslims, looked at him. We also know something about his morals, a part of his biography, and some Of his miracles and evidence of his prophecy.

Information about the book:
Cover: Hardcover
The size is 17*24cm
Number of pages: 760 pages
Weight: 1068 grams
Dar Al-Taqwa for printing, publishing and distribution
Muhammad the Prophet - Sirjani - Biography - Biography -

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