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The farce of the human mind Ali Al-Wardi

The farce of the human mind Ali Al-Wardi

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Dr. Ali Al-Wardi wrote this book in separate chapters at various times, after the publication of his book "Preaching to the Sultans", and these chapters are not on a single topic, and he has composed among them that they were written under the influence of the uproar that arose around his aforementioned book, and it may satisfy some people and anger others. In his articles, Dr. Al-Wardi starts from a principle that says that the new concepts that modern logic believes in are the concept of movement and development. Everything in this universe evolves from one state to another, and there is no deterrent to its development. He says that it has become obligatory for preachers to study the laws of this development before To shower people with their resonant sermons. 
Therefore, he does not see in his book this glorification of Western civilization or to call for it, but rather he intended to say: that it is inevitable that there is no necessity, because the modern concepts that Western civilization brings are coming without a doubt, and he says that it is time to understand the truth before it is too late, as The Islamic world provides the people with a harsh stage of transition, from which they suffer pains similar to labor pains. Almost half a century ago, the world was living in the Middle Ages, then suddenly the new civilization came and took away most of the familiar before it. Therefore, in every Muslim house there is a fight and argument between the old generation and the next. What is new is that he looks at life from the perspective of the tenth century, and this one wants to look at it from the perspective of the twentieth century, and he adds that he was expecting thinkers from the clergy and others to help their people from this crisis of labor, but on the contrary, they were trying to stand in the way of reform. In light of this, it can be said that writing is an attempt to enact a new reading in an Islamic society that lives, as the researcher sees, with the mentality of the past, an era of development that requires a vision and religious concepts that are in line with that lived reality.

Information about the book:
Pages: 359 p
Size: 17 * 24 cm
Weight: 550 gr
Book Cover: Plain Cardboard
Publishing house: Dar Al-Warraq for printing and publishing

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