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Encyclopedia of Manar Al-Anwar

Encyclopedia of Manar Al-Anwar

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Author: Dr. Shamil Shaheen

One of the codes of Hanafi jurisprudence and one of the considered and important books that the Hanafi scholars took care of in teaching and learning.
Scholars have received an unparalleled response to it.
Commentaries and footnotes have been repeated throughout the ages.
Until it became one of the rare books that received this acceptance and interest from the scholars of fundamentals in general and the Hanafis in particular.
It is issued by Dar Hira Cave on five written copies, with its text being investigated and purified from the impurities of distortion and distortion, documenting its sayings and the jurisprudential issues mentioned by the author, editing the subject of the dispute, mentioning the sayings of the scholars in this regard and indicating the places of their research in the considered books of jurisprudence, graduating his hadiths and its effects, and defining what was mentioned. It contains notable figures and sects, and explains the ambiguous phrases contained in it, and puts together its indexes, all with an additional study of Imam al-Nasafi and the book.

About the book:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of parts: 3
Number of pages: 1089.
Size: 17x24.
Dar Hira Cave for publication and distribution

Fiqh - jurisprudence - Hanafi - Shafi'i

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