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angel call

angel call

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Miso clouds

It was on their phone, their whole lives...
New York, Kennedy Airport.
In the crowded cafeteria, a man and a woman collided and a petty quarrel occurred between them, then each went his way. Madeline and Jonathan had never met before, and they never would have seen each other again. But when they picked up their belongings, they accidentally exchanged their mobile phones. When they realized their mistake, they had been ten thousand kilometers away from each other: Madeleine is a florist in Paris, and Jonathan is a restaurant owner in San Francisco.
Out of curiosity, they probed the contents of each other's phone and dug into the depths of his personal life: photos, conversations, files, a diary... until they discovered secrets in them that they both thought were buried forever...".
An action that lies between romantic comedy and thriller to the point of climax. 
Brilliant narrative plot performed by influential characters. 
Finale at the pinnacle of ingenuity.

About the book:

Translated by: Hussein Omar

Cover: plain cardboard

Pages: 511 pages

The size is 21.5*14.5cm

Publishing house: Arab Cultural Center

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The Call - Angel - Miso - French

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