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What has the world lost with the decline of Muslims?

What has the world lost with the decline of Muslims?

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Abu al-Hasan al-Nadawi

Islam is a doctrine of supremacy, and one of its special characteristics is that it inspires in the believer’s soul a sense of pride without arrogance, a spirit of confidence without treachery, and a sense of reassurance without dependence. The right religion and the right path, and bringing it out of the darkness into the light, with what God has given them of the light of guidance and the Criterion. This book, which is in the hands of the reader, evokes in the soul of its reader all these meanings, and breathes into his awe all of these characteristics, but he does not depend in this on mere emotional or religious fanaticism, but rather takes the objective facts as his closest, presenting them to sight, sense, reason and conscience all together, and presenting the facts The historical and current circumstances are presented in a fair and enlightened presentation, and he judges the case that he presents in full to the truth, reality, logic and conscience, so that all of them appear to be supported on his side and on the side of his case, without degradation or arbitrariness in the introduction or conclusion, and this is one of the advantages of the book.

He begins to paint a quick, but clear, small picture of this world before the lights of Islam shone upon it. He paints a picture of this world, east, west, north, and south, and how the spirit of Jahiliyyah dominates it, so that injustice and slavery prevail over it, and it is spread by disbelief, misguidance, and darkness. And from disintegration and collapse, and from class differences and the tyranny of rulers and the reasoning of soothsayers, and his role in building the world on the foundations of jurisprudence, cleanliness, positivity and constructiveness, justice and dignity, and from the constant work to develop life and improve life, and to give everyone who has the right to life. All those during the period when Islam was the leadership anywhere, and in which Islam was working. Then comes the period in which Islam lost control, due to the decline of Muslims, and their abandonment of the leadership that this religion imposes on them, the guardianship that it assigns to them over humanity, and the consequences that it entrusts to them in every direction.

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