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The light of clarification and the salvation of souls

The light of clarification and the salvation of souls

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Brief on worship in Hanafi jurisprudence

Authored by the famous jurist: Hassan bin Ammar Al-Sharnblani

And a book written by Imam Al-Sharnbalali (d. 1069 AH) is one of the most famous and most important texts of Hanafi jurisprudence. It includes a comprehensive and accurate summary of matters of worship. This text has been popularized and famous since the life of its author, so the author returned to it again, explained it, then shortened its explanation, and called it: “The Fallacy of the Farmer.” One of the scholars worked on it as a footnote, known as Al-Tahawy’s footnote. And these three books: Al-Matn, Al-Sharh, and Al-Hashiya are still the destination of the people of knowledge and their dependents, and they benefit from them and benefit from them.

About the book:

Cover: plain cardboard

Size: 14 * 19.5 cm

Pages: 120 p

Tabseer for publication and distribution

Madhab-Hanafi-Hanafi-Abu Hanifa-Abu Hanifa-madhab-doctrine

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