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The Illusion of Achievement: How the Public Moves and What Motivates Them

The Illusion of Achievement: How the Public Moves and What Motivates Them

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Ahmed Hassan Musharraf

Human nature leads him to desire to achieve the greatest amount of gain without making a great effort. From parking the car in the wrong place trying to buy more time, to devastating losses in the stock market after trying to make a quick profit without working.
We beginner writers, for example, often adore the books we have written, and we often imagine our forms with them before they are finished. At the same time, we find it difficult to sit down every day for long hours to write.
The painter loves “what has been drawn” and lives the rest of the days with difficulty with herself to convince her every moment that she should get up to paint now.
And with all these situations, the sense of achievement in our lives remains wonderful!
I say here “feeling” and not the achievement itself. Achievement is another topic that the book deals with in greater detail.

The Illusion of Achievement is a research book that deals with a range of topics related to public behavior. Try to answer the following questions:
Why are we addicted to filming ourselves on social media channels, and how does this affect our lives?
- Why do we care about the opinion of others towards us more than our opinion?
- Why do we strive in every way to obtain prestigious social status, and seek to buy things that are higher than our material capabilities?
- Why do we send so many preaching messages on various social media channels?
What is the difference between real work and what we think is real work?
What does it mean to leave a trace? And why should we care about leaving a trace?

About the author
Ahmed Hassan Musharraf is a Saudi writer and blogger. He resides in Jeddah, and seeks to change his society by documenting, experimenting with ideas, and writing them down. Most of his writings revolve around work, art and human psychology. He is the founder of the “Tawtheeq” initiative to document experiences and knowledge.

About the book:
Cover: plain cardboard
Number of pages: 231 pages
Size: 14.5 * 21.5 cm
Weight: 274 grams
Section: self-development and relationship development
Publishing House: Dar Al Karma for Publishing and Distribution

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