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1-8 The beginning and the end

1-8 The beginning and the end

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Ismail bin Omar bin Katheer Imad al-Din Abu al-Fida

The beginning and the end It is a historical encyclopedic work Huge, authored by Al-Hafiz Ibn Katheer Ismail bin Omar al-Dimashqi

It is a display of history From the beginning of creation to its end, it begins with the beginning of the creation of the heavens, the earth, and the angels To the creation of Adam and then touches on the stories Oh to the prophets Briefly and then detailing the historical events since the birth of the Prophet Muhammad Until the year 768 by tabulating the years. And the Sunnah begins by saying, “Then a year has entered .” Then he lists the historical events in it and then mentions the most prominent people who died this year. As for the end part, it contains the signs of the Hour until Judgment Day in detail.

Ibn Katheer said about his book: “In this book, I mention in it, with the help of God and His good grace, what God Almighty has made easy by His might and power in mentioning the principle of creation: from the creation of the Throne, the Chair, the heavens, and the earths..., and the stories of the prophets..., until the prophecy ends until the days of our Prophet Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him. ..... Then we mention what came after that to our time, and we mention the strife, the epics, the signs of the Hour, then the Resurrection, the Resurrection, and the horrors of the Resurrection.... and what was mentioned in that from the Book, the Sunnah, the effects, and the transmitted news that is reasonable according to the scholars and the heirs of the Prophets..." » The book was truly the truthful mirror, and the original reference for the people of this art

About the book:

Number of volumes: 8

Size: 17*24

Cover: Deluxe Art Binding

Dar Al-Hadith for publication and distribution

The beginning-the beginning-the end

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